Is newCRM the right platform for you?

ABSOLUTELY - if you want to have clients that love to buy from you.

ABSOLUTELY - if you want to a business that can be profitable in a digital first and competitive landscape.

newCRM is not a typical SAAS platform that you buy from a website based on priced and features and you left to make it work in your business.

newCRM is a platform that generates leads and converts them to profitable advocates for your business

newCRM is not just a tool that you need to learn and crow bar into your business processes. It will fit your business like a hand crafted leather glove.

newCRM is for small to medium size businesses that want results not just another tool.

newCRM is effective strategy, quality training, customisation, ongoing support & services as well as a powerful tool to digitally power your business.

No Risk - Try First Eveluation
Book Your Free Evaluation Package!
  • Free Only Workshop - $200 Value
  • Free Configuration & Customisation to suit your business processes and branding - $800 Value
  • Free Onboarding of up to ten staff - $250 Value
  • Free 45 Day Evaluation - $150 Value
  • Free Years Access to New Normal Digital Transformation Community - $50 Value


Have a Quick Chat to qualify for a 45 Day Evaluation Version & $1450 of Free Services


Some of the 100s of newCRM's Features/Benefits
  • Create Awesome Proposals
  • One Click to Convert Proposal to Invoice or Estimate
  • Highly Customisable
  • Easy Integration
  • Each Instance in its own Server & Database instance
  • Fantastic Lead management
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Tight Integration to Xero Accounting Platform
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base System
  • Quality Support & Ticketing
  • Each Client has own Portal to manage Invoices,
    payment estimates, project, support and much more
  • Contract Management
  • Tasks Including Task Billing
  • Time Tracking and Billing
  • Quality API
  • Optional Modular extensions
  • Plus a lot more
  • Order a free version to review for 30 days

We have spent a lot of time and money on the newCRM platform and absolutely nothing on the marketing.

So I recommend the best way to evaluate the platform and associated services is to book a quick tour and then qualify to get 45 Days to see if newCRM is right for you & your business.

Book a Guided Demo & Get newCRM free for 45 days & $1450 free Extras Pack!