Is newCRM the right platform for you?

ABSOLUTELY - if you want to have a business that can succeed in a digital first competitive landscape.

newCRM is not a typical SAAS platform that you buy from a website based on priced and features.

newCRM is a platform that generates leads to and converts them to advocates.

newCRM is not just a tool that you need to learn and crow bar into your business processes.

newCRM is for very small to large businesses that want results not just another tool.

newCRM is strategy, training, customisation, support & services as well as a powerful tool.

Book Your Free Evaluation Package!
  • Free Only Workshop - $200 Value
  • Free Configuration & Customisation to suit your business processes and branding - $800 Value
  • Free Onboarding of up to ten staff - $250 Value
  • Free 45 Day Evaluation - $150 Value
  • Free Years Access to New Normal Digital Transformation Community - $50 Value


Have a Quick Chat to qualify for a 45 Day Evaluation Version & $1450 Free Services


Some of the 100s of newCRM's Features/Benefits
  • Create Awesome Proposals
  • One Click to Convert Proposal to Invoice or Estimate
  • Highly Customisable
  • Easy Integration
  • Each Instance in its own Server & Database instance
  • Fantastic Lead management
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Tight Integration to Xero Accounting Platform
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base System
  • Quality Support & Ticketing
  • Each Client has own Portal to manage Invoices,
    payment estimates, project, support and much more
  • Contract Management
  • Tasks Including Task Billing
  • Time Tracking and Billing
  • Quality API
  • Optional Modular extensions
  • Plus a lot more
  • Order a free version to review for 30 days

We have spent a lot of time and money on the newCRM platform and absolutely nothing on the marketing.

So I recommend the best way to evaluate the platform and associated services is to book a quick tour and then qualify to get 45 Days to see if newCRM is right for you & your business.

Book a Guided Demo & Get newCRM free for 45 days & $1450 free Extras Pack!